Our herbs are sprinkled amongst our garden.

We have Oregano.

Lemon Balm.

Variegated Lemon Thyme.

Young Parsley (and Variegated Lemon Thyme).

Very young Sweet Basil.

Bay leaves.

Healing herbs.

Isn’t it curious that emotional pain can manifest as a physical ailment?

I will always appreciate an experience I had with an acupuncturist in Sydney who taught me that.

In about 2002, I was having trouble with my skin. A friend mentioned that an acupuncturist had helped her and gave me his details. I remember driving over the bridge and around the waterfront up into Neutral Bay. He had turned the property into an authentic Asian oasis both the building and the grounds, it was beautiful, restful, healing, peaceful…stepping into the front garden, cocooned by the cool greens, hearing the symphony of a variety of water features, the breeze in the leaves and birdsong, you immediately felt calm.

I was surprised to find the acupuncturist was a very Aussie male, fair hair and tanned. On my first visit I talked for what felt like an hour (really it was probably 15 minutes). He listened and made occasional notes. He then administered the needles and left me for what felt like another hour.

I visited several more times. My skin didn’t really improve, but I was willing to try anything, so I kept going.

I then went away on a film for a short time, when I got back, my skin still wasn’t great, I went back to see him. He greeted me and said, that’s right, you’re the one we’re treating for a broken heart.

What he gave me that day is that our emotional pain can manifest as a physical ailment and, if I could heal my emotional state, I could heal my ailment! I had the power!

Thank you Mr Acupuncturist, I’m grateful to you for helping me see and heal.

Today’s harvest 🌱

Hope you’re kind to yourself today.