Some plants were flattened by the wind yesterday.

The worst affected were the tomatoes. We’ve propped them up, hopefully they will recover and still give us some tomatoes.

Surprisingly the rest of our little garden survived pretty well. Our plants won the battle!

Look how well these little ones survived!

I guess sitting so close to the ground with their nice strong anchor.

The mesclun this year has been particularly yummy.

I’ve been keeping the water up, to chase away any bitterness.

Water can work for me too, a nice long shower, dilutes bitterness to nothing!

But other times it’s a battle of the mind.

Then it’s a choice, focus on the problem, or focus on the solution. I like to focus on the solution.

But sometimes the solution isn’t immediately apparent and we get stuck in the quagmire.

If I can’t fix it with a shower or find a solution, I take action.

For me, this is often gardening.

But any and all action helps me, it can be sweeping, vacuuming, walking, talking, shopping, lunching, singing…doing something, anything. Action is the heftiest and most successful weapon in my artillery.

After school today, transporting my daughter to dancing, she spoke about a new find, the orchestra/rock band teacher who let them play on the drums, with no direction, just play. To be creative, unrestricted in their expression. I like that.

Today’s sunset.

Pink sky at night, Shepherds delight.

Today’s harvest 🌱

Have a wonderful day!