Baby peas

My daughter had an old weathered packet of pea seeds in her gardening bag and while gardening a couple of weekends ago, it fell out, spilling the seeds all over the place.

We gathered them up and popped them into a large empty pot, thinking they wouldn’t sprout, but guess what?

They did!

Loads and loads of them.

Our favourite!

You may have heard it said that we here in NZ may have a short summer this year?

We hope it’s long enough for our young peas to mature and give us a bumper crop.

Aren’t surprises great!

Especially surprises after nasty wind storms.

So tiny and fragile yet so resilient and strong.

Makes me think of Horton Hears a Who, Dr. Seuss reminding us that it’s all about perspective. That from the perspective of the universe, we, the human race are tiny and vulnerable, living on a speck floating in space, at the mercy of the great unknown (a big elephant 😃).

The human race (so tiny and fragile yet so resilient and strong), can you imagine that we all walk around with smart phones connected to the entire rest of the world via the world wide web and travel on flying buses!

Isn’t it a remarkable time to be alive? Sometimes the extraordinary things humans do/have done blows my brain and I have to bring my focus into the here and now. Do you have to do that sometimes, to shrink your peripheral down to your surroundings, to find your serenity? (ha ha, yes I’m Australian)

Our sunset today.

And seconds later.

May you be surprised by something today that warms your heart and brings you comfort and peace of mind 🌱


It is windy here today. Right this moment our little garden is being tormented by violent gusts of wind.

I’m sure everyone here in Wellington feels they get the worst of it where they are but where we live, it truly seems like the wind fights with itself, gusts turn against each other and a vicious battle ensues. And our little garden, the battle field.

Let’s not think about the wind.

If we imagine our plants safe, can we make it so? I’m willing to try. So here goes…

Here are some photos from yesterday.

This is our first attempt to grow cucumbers.

We have some blossoms.

And a little cucumber.

I like the idea that the wind is blowing our worries away, as a colleague suggested today.

Maybe that’s why it’s still blowing, perhaps there are still troubles that need to be blown away.

Today’s harvest (a quick snap seconds before the wind scattered everything) 🌱

May the angry gusts of wind whipping around our house threatening to pick us up (and deliver us to Oz?), turn to a gentle breeze in time to lull us to sleep.

But before that, may first all your troubles be blown away.



I love tomatoes too, they’re definitely up there with peas for me. But not for my daughter, there will be no competition from her when we harvest our tomatoes!

We are a while away from harvesting.

We have some blossoms…

…and a few baby tomatoes.

In this day of technology how can we protect our children’s minds so they can enjoy a childhood? We can’t always be around. Children together on their phones/tablets, exploring the internet, can find such scary things.

The thought of the compounding effect of exposure to scary/damaging things scares me for our young generation.

I love books.

We’re reading The Phantom Tollbooth and today we saved the princesses Rhyme and Reason from the inhabitants of Ignorance. Such an awesome book, have you read it? Can’t recommend it highly enough!

Today’s harvest 🌱

Hope the peaks make you smile today and the troughs are easy to jump across.


Fresh peas from the garden are one of our very favourite things (understatement). We look forward to pea season and have been known to pop into the local fruit store and ask, any peas yet? Until, many years ago, the fruit lady said she’d text us, and indeed she did for years but sadly they sold their fruit store last year, now we’re back fending for ourselves!

We plant as many as we can in our garden and fill bags of them when they appear (momentarily) at the supermarket.

With the bags of peas from the market, we sit in the sun and devour them, a bag at a time. Heaven.

With the peas we grow? They are much more precious, we’d be lucky to harvest a small handful each day. They are counted and equally split. How many did you pick? How many did I get? That’s not fair!!! He he, see how precious they are?

This years crop have been particularly juicy, sweet and delicious.

Truly scrumptious (my daughter saw this and started singing, and I joined in…you are truly scrumptious…scrumptious as the breeze across the bay…so delicious…you are the answer to our wishes..). The song could be about our peas! 🌼

Today’s harvest 🌱

Have a wonderful day!