We have removed most of the agapanthus from our garden, just a few remain. I have a love/dislike relationship with them. I love their colour and resilience but they are a bit rampant for my liking. Interesting snippet, in New Zealand Agapanthus are now registered as an ‘environmental weed’.

The flowers are reaching their end and I was going to cut them back this afternoon, but I noticed a couple of busy bees…

So fat, intent and busy, they made me smile. These bees are big, I would say easily twice the size of the honey bees we had when I was growing up in Australia.

Today’s harvest 🌱

Favourite moment from the past couple of days…we were out and about, I was on foot, my daughter on roller blades, she was way ahead and had stopped to wait for me at the crossing…I stretched out my arms for a hug and she raced back, smack, into my arms (like a professional speed skater). You’ll be glad to know I braced myself so she didn’t knock me over 🍃

Hope you were able to ‘kill ’em with kindness’ today (finding inspiration from my daughter’s pop music 🌼).


5 thoughts on “Agapanthus

  1. The bees look a bit like bumble bees – ground dwelling solitary bees, though a bit hard to tell from the photos. I have avoided Agapanthus because they are so ubiquitous, but they are pretty and the colour and scrappy leaves can be quite lovely, especially when they are not “burnt” by the sun 🙂

      • He he, spell-checkers can be 🙂

        The bees, I have always been under the impression that they were native NZ honey bees but I could be wrong…

        They do resemble the bumble bee in Australia…but act more like honey bees…

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