We have no beautiful photos of delicious juicy young plums and it’s all my fault.

Last year I relocated our young, 2 year old, Greengage plum tree.

This year, no blossoms, just yellow leaves.

Very unhappy.

Which meant no pollination for our other plum tree, our Coe’s Golden Drop.

No plums, but our Coe’s Golden Drop is a happy tree.

Last year we had a crop of two delicious Coe’s Golden Drops!

I’m hopeful that our Greengage will come out of shock next year.

I know how it feels to be relocated. There are days when I still miss home, the smell of the gum trees in the summer sun and the raucous Australian birds.

This morning the mist was hanging on the hill above us and it reminded me of my old house in Melbourne close to the river, how the mist would hang in the trees.

But time has moved on and we’re settled here now.

I hope our Greengage settles into his new home too. We’d love some plums next year!

There were many chuckles in our house today, from a discussion about time, to laughing about not being able to see something that is right in front of you, to struggling to lock the door, to Mrs Frisby riding on Jeremy’s (the crow) back to the wise owl (which is no laughing matter), to the ‘just one more goodnight kiss’…laughter lives in some funny nooks and crannies sometimes! How grateful I am that laughter lives here.

It was a rainy day today, an Australian type of rainy day, gentle rain on a tin roof. One of my favourite things. One of our gardens favourite things!

Today’s harvest 🌱

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. Arwen your plum may have a nutrient deficiency, my guess would be it needs magnesium. You could try adding a balanced organic fertilizer. If you transplanted last year, it should be over any transplant shock. 😊

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