Our tomatoes are getting bigger.

And our Feijoa’s.

Our apples too.

Time, a magic ingredient. We can increase or decrease the water supply, we can adjust the soil content but time, a necessary ingredient, we have no control over.

Time, something I’m grateful for and as I get older, ever more conscious of it passing. And the faster it seems to pass!

My thoughts have been on our whales today and how their time has been cut short. And no answers.

There is a reason. I hope the reason is discovered so we can work to stop it happening again.

More than 300 whales have lost their lives.

Last September in Woolgoolga on the north coast of NSW we saw the whales on their migration. Mothers and babies frolicking in the sparkling deep blue sea. Like a happy dog wagging his tail, their flukes put smiles on our faces.

More than 200 whales saved, I hope they swim out to deeper water where it is safer and they find solace in their friends and joy in their surrounds and, in time, frolick again.

No harvest today, dinner with friends 🌱

May you find joy in the company of friends today, as we did.