Cherry Guava

At the beginning of summer we added two Cherry Guava’s to our garden.

Guava’s remind me of my childhood. There was a small ragged tree on the last incline to our house, on the side of the track, sitting close to a drop down into a small valley.

When we were young I remember the fruit being plentiful, ripe and sweet.

As we got older, I remember the fruit dwindling.

The fruit firmer, less tasty, not so ripe.

Thinking about it now, it must have been the birds beating us to them and us, in turn, picking green fruit to beat them back!

Another memory of guava, was the guava juice from the local cafe in Pacific Harbour in Fiji when we were working on the film Anacondas.

Tropical fruit on a tropical island. Yum!

Gentle rain here today, all day, no wind and not cold.

We have a very happy garden.

Today’s harvest 🌱

My daughter commented on how yummy the strawberries were today.

Look what has been enjoying the rain 💦

Have a wonderful day!


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