Our front garden is tiny too. It used to be crowded and bushy with large weedy trees and ratty flax. In the middle, a shell garden, ouchy to walk on but beautiful and beachy.

We loved it for many years. Lovingly regularly pulling weeds from the shell garden, though never as often as needed.

But lawn was calling me, lush and green.

I craved lying on my back on soft grass watching the clouds pass by and I was keen to give my daughter a place to do her (untrained) incredibly neat cartwheels.

With the help of our friends we removed trees, shrubs, ancient flax, stumps and our shells.

And lay down turf.

Now clouds drift by witnessed.

And neat cartwheels get neater.

We still lovingly remove weeds.

A beautiful rainbow today reminding us there is treasure yet to be discovered.

And a golden sunset.

Today I am grateful for all the help we received.

May help be at hand for you today if needed.