Do you remember the nasty storm that flattened our tomatoes?

We have some survivors.

Thriving survivors.

The best revenge for being flattened? To come back. To succeed.

I worked on a film in 1995 called The Island of Dr Moreau.

It was a difficult job.

The stories that could be told.

Our director, John Frankenheimer, was old school Hollywood, and we had the challenge of Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer being our stars.

There was a line of dialogue in the script “you don’t have to obey the bastards, they’re not Gods”.

Our camera team had t shirts made, on the front left breast was what looked like the Panavision logo but if you looked closely you could see it actually said Painavision and on the back the quote from the script “you don’t have to obey the bastards, they’re not Gods”. Never before, nor since, have I gotten more pleasure out of wearing a t shirt 😃.

We survived the film shoot and, stronger, we headed off to the next one.

Yesterday’s harvest 🌱

Have a wonderful day!

4 thoughts on “Survivors

  1. What a wonderful reminder that we can be successful regardless of our situation just by being true to ourselves
    and the strawberry picture is so beautiful

    • Thank you Ruth, thank goodness for our authentic selves, and our inner strength 🙂

    • Thank you Virginia, he he, the t shirt made us chuckle with those naughty children chuckles and cheered us on a difficult job 🙂

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