Our cucumbers are taking their time.

A meandering pace, one where you get to take in the little things, enjoy the journey.

My pace is anything but meandering. My automatic internal drive is to get to the destination (the job done) as quickly, on time, as well as possible.

My daughter, she takes her time, ponders, gets lost in thought, gets distracted, notices the detail, remembers the little things and wants to talk about them…in our quiet moments when I’m there with her? That is joy!

On a bush walk with a friend a while ago, I was doing my usual, targeting the destination with fire in my feet. I believe I was seeing everything and noticing the little things, but if I’m honest, I’m sure everything was being captured with motion blur.

My friend said gently, “slow down, what’s the hurry?”

My logical sense agrees, and wishes my instinctual self could auto re-program for those times.

Learnt behaviour or innate?

Perhaps it’s because of the mountain, the quicker I walked, the quicker the trek home would be over, or maybe it’s the pace of the film industry that has put blasters on my heels, or maybe being the sole person responsible for my daughter, trying to fit everything into the day.

I was at the supermarket with a friend recently and I was in my usual zone, heightened awareness/energy, focused on the destination. But why? It was the weekend, we were heading to a friends house for dinner!

I notice it’s only when there is a job to be done or a destination to reach.

I’m grateful my friends have bought it to my attention.

Something for me to work on! (I’ll have to start a list):

  • To consciously adjust my pace depending on my destination or job at hand.

Yesterday’s harvest, two apples! 🌱

Have a wonderful day!

6 thoughts on “Cucumbers

  1. Ah goodness, this certainly resonated with me! It’s taken me months after leaving work to slow down. I do think it’s all those things you said, but conditioning is a big part of it. I’m finally moving at a slower pace these days, and I can definitely feel the benefits. Good for you for recognizing the heightened need to “finish” and enjoy the times that have no deadline! xx

    • Oh Lyse and when I saw you the other day, I could see it! You look just wonderful! 😘😘

  2. Being the only one for a child is such a big and beautiful responsibility. I understand the tension it brings to your feet. You must be so pleased that you have noted this and now you can work (at speed I am sure) on slowing down at the right times. I have always thought that stress is fine as long as you have a period of NON stress to follow. Kind of a balance I guess. I am glad you have good friends. I really do miss my friends from home – they were also the ones to help me have fun when all I knew how to do was RUN. Have a great weekend! c

    • Thank you Celi 😃😘
      I have but one, your hands were much fuller! Yes, thank goodness for friends! Without them where would we be?! Wishing you a great weekend too xx

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