The woods

Lots of talk about the woods on the weekend.

Into the Woods, the musical.

Out of the Woods, Taylor Swift.

What does ‘out of the woods’ mean?

I tired to answer, relationships, bumps, troughs…

…but the important thing is to come out of the woods together…

…and to learn from the woods…

Did you make it out of the woods with…?

No, we didn’t make it out together.

What about us?

Yes! We go in and out of the woods together all the time! That’s what makes us such a good team.

Quiet now.

Content. Me too.

Grateful for everything the woods have taught me.

Have a wonderful day!


6 thoughts on “The woods

  1. Oh, I loved the stroll through the celery woods via your photos! Perspective. Viewing the world from where we stand also gives us the opportunity to shrink or expand the truth of it infinitely, from the celery forest to the earth herself – and it’s valid from all angles. ‘As it is above; so below!’
    Love you 🙂

    • Isn’t it fun to find a new perspective? I love the celery forest, the light and the dark. Thank you Michal. Love you too ❤️

  2. Beautiful! Both pictures and thoughts. Certainly got me thinking… One of the most important things for me about “the woods” is to know it’s a place to pass through. Temporary. And on the other side something new will be waiting. The only certainty in life is change, and “the woods” are often the path to that. <3

    • I like that very much! I wish I had the understanding of that when I was younger, I remember times when I felt I was going to be stuck there forever. If I had the knowledge that it was just a place I was passing through it would have made the experience less stressful. The woods, the path to change ❤️. Thank you Lyse xx

  3. Hello Tiny Gardeners
    What a magic surprise discovering Tiny Garden has been!
    The celery woods reminded me of another great musical… When Dorothy, Toto and friends escape from the poppy field, voices sing:
    You’re out of the woods
    You’re out of the dark
    You’re out of the night
    Step into the sun
    Step into the light
    ….and they’re off to the Emerald City, shades of green in light and dark – just like the celery woods.
    This thought and this blog is making me smile right now.
    Emerald wishes, Fiona

    • I love that! The Wizard of Oz, the Emerald City and the emerald celery. That’s put a smile on my face.

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